How Different Generations Performed Paper Editing

Modern technology has permeated every single pore of today’s society. Whether it’s for the better or for worse, it’s hard to argue. The fact is, we have grown so accustomed to it, that it’s hard to imagine doing anything without it. Most of the things we consider normal would be impossible. Just imagine having to spend an entire day without your smartphone, or being offline for a few days. But, communication has always relied on technology, so it’s a bit of an obvious choice. Let’s consider for a moment the way modern technology and its tools have changed the way we write and edit the things we write.

Of course, you will say that we no longer use pen and paper, or typewriters to write books, novels, essays, or papers. But it goes way deeper than that. The entire process has become a lot faster, which makes the role of an essay editor that much more important. Today, we view editing services as something normal and necessary. But, let’s go back in time for a bit and check out how things used to be before.

The Years before Editing Services

In the past, writing was a relatively simple process. All you had to do is sit down at a desk, pick up a pen, and start putting words on paper. Maybe you were lucky enough to own a typewriter. Of course, things got a bit more complicated if you had to do research, which meant spending countless hours at the library. You will argue that it’s roughly the same today, only we are using our laptops to write, and search engines instead of libraries. However, the entire nature of writing has changed since then. Writing was a lot more time-consuming, not just because of its mechanical nature, but also because people put more thought into what they wrote.

These days, if I want to edit my essay, I can choose between doing it myself, using an app, or getting an editing service to do it for me in no time. In the past, on the other hand, students, writers, and scholars put more thought into what they wrote in the first place, which meant editing wasn’t as essential as it is today. They focused hard on getting it right the first time around, because they had more time, and because editing meant going back and writing the entire page from scratch. They couldn’t simply find the word, sentence, or paragraph they wanted to edit, and then change those parts. Back in the day, essay editing service wasn’t an option.

Essay Writing Service Necessity

Several decades later, editing services are all over the place, which just goes to show how the very nature of writing and editing has changed. Writers are bound by deadlines, which inevitably affects the quality of their writing. This, in turn, makes proper editing that much more important. It’s what gives articles, books, novels, and academic papers that final polish that makes all the difference between average and excellent.

But, whereas writing has become a fast process, editing has become more time-consuming. Plus, most writers don’t have the time to edit their texts themselves. Even college students will often turn to a reputable editing service to edit their papers, because they are too swamped with their classes and obligations. When you compare this to the writing process of previous generations, it’s obvious that the entire nature of writing has changed. But, you can also see that it’s not just the writing that has changed. The editing process has become more essential.

The Increasingly Important Role of Essay Editor

In today’s world, just about anyone can publish a book. They just have to write and put it online for people to buy. This is great, but it also means that the quality of most books published that way will often be questionable. And that same principle applies to other areas where writing is required, such as high schools and colleges. College student turn in subpar papers in order to meet the tight deadlines set by their professors. Even if they do have to go through their papers, their grammar skills are often lacking, which amount to more of the same. The solution would be to get in touch with an editor to edit my essay, or to use editing software.

However, editing software can only help to an extent. Even the best ones that are capable of spotting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are lacking when it comes to finding stylistic, or contextual spelling errors. Human editors, on the other hand, can be very expensive, and most student cannot afford their services. If I need to edit my essay, I would find myself in a bit of a problem. But, whenever modern technology creates a problem, it also creates a solution to that problem soon enough.

Websites and online companies which offer proofreading and editing services to writers, scholars, and students are extremely popular these days. Because there is much competition, it dictates the price, which means most writers are able to afford their services. Of course, there are those whose work is brilliant, and those whose work is not so stellar, but it’s up to everyone to do their homework and check out each service in detail. Thanks to modern technology, all these services are available the very moment we need them, which is something that was unthinkable just a few decades, or even years, ago.


Writing, and especially editing, have changed over time, partly because of the hectic tempo of our lives, and partly because of the wonders of modern technology. Human editors still pray a crucial role in making the writers’ work exceptional, with apps and digital tools still a few steps behind. It’s hard to imagine it will ever be able to replace the human element. But, the idea of having apps and tools that can be used for editing seemed impossible in the past, as well, which means that it’s not to hard to imagine technology doing all of that work for us in the future.

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