The Most Common Things About Proofreading Services

No matter if you are writing web content or creating your essay you still have tight deadlines and most time you are in a rush with your writing. And, as you probably know there is no time for proofreading your papers at the end. People who read content and academic papers are usually very attentive to the details and full of spelling, stylistic errors and other mistakes we are making during writing. These mistakes do have influence either on business or on your grades when you are a student. That is why, it is great to know, what the pitfalls of proofreading process are we are. However, in some cases because of inexperience in writing, it is better to pass the paper to professional proofreading services.

When to use proofreading services?

Proofreading had never been easy. You need to have a definite language level, be attentive and sure about spelling, punctuation and grammar usage. The professional proofreader does have all these skills. However, the main aim of writing is to develop these skills, as well as voice and attentiveness, so passing all the papers to an editor is not a good idea, since you don’t have a chance to learn. The main reason of ordering help from proofreading services should be time. When you don’t have time to polish your paper find a professional whom you can ask “proofread my paper”, but if you have time try to do it yourself.

What mistakes I can avoid when I proofread my paper?

1. Content familiarity.

The content familiarity is one of the common mistakes we are doing during writing. Usually, we are trying to write everything down and format our paper during the writing, so as a result, we think we will spend less time on its formatting later. However, this is a common mistake done by either academic or professional writers. That is because doing so, you see what you expect to see and not paying much attention to the actual writing.

Scientists say that we are proofreaders by a default. And when our brain got used to the writing we see what we are expecting to see. In other words, if we are making a typo in a word ‘thoroughly’, and write it down as ‘throughly’ our brain will still read it correctly without a typo. This happens because your brain expects to see the correct spelling and you miss this error.

In order to overcome this issue, you need to make familiar text unfamiliar to you. Play with the formatting of your content. Try to proofread it in Microsoft Word, Note-Pad or any other word processor. You can also try to play with the font type and size. These simple tricks will help you to reduce your familiarity with the text and see where the mistakes are.

2. Trust to spell checker

Probably, when you are writing your papers you are using some kind of word-processing software and that’s okay for this software to correct your spelling mistakes. But the software is no able to correct the words which are spelled correctly but used incorrectly changing the meaning of your writing. So before you will submit your paper, you need to re-read it several times paying attention to each word. Professional essay proofreader is always doing so.

3. Assuming that there are no mistakes in your paper.

During the proofreading of your text, you should assume that there are a lot of errors in it. Check facts, persons’ and places’ names, phone numbers, website links and other things which may be incorrect. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the words which may be used incorrectly, because of inattention for example. So here are three most common examples of such words, check out grammar rules when you are using them:

  • I or me
  • It’s and its
  • Your or you’re

4. You are not reading your paper out loud.

There are numerous ways to proofread the content recommended by essay proofreader, among them are printing paper out, using ruler while reading, reading it several times searching for different types of errors, tapping words and phrases during the check and many others. You can find dozens of recommendations on the internet.

And for sure, they are good methods, and you should experiment with them to find which works for you best. However, the best one is reading your paper out loud or silently saying each word to yourself.

This is because reading aloud helps you to feel the rhythm of your paper and define if the sentence is too long and do have a meaning if you are using punctuation correctly if the words you are using are spelled correctly, and of course, if there are no duplicates or missing content in it. While reading you need to focus on the text and read it slowly, paying attention to each word.

5. Editing instead of proofreading

The last point you are forgetting about during proofreading is that you are splitting editing and proofreading processes. You must know the difference between these two things. So proofreading is a final error check, you are not rewriting the content you are checking correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. So you need first edit your paper, re-writing all needed, and then after that proofread your text correcting mistakes and checking facts.

As you see, it is not simple to edit and proofread your paper, and it doesn’t matter what content you are creating. The practice of editing may help you. You can also try ordering proofread my essay service for example, but doing so you always¬†need to compare your paper with edited one to see how the professional worked.

How to find professional proofreading services online?

To find professional proofreading service you can pass all your papers to, you just need to search on the internet, shortlist up to ten companies providing these services. Then try to check user reviews on the review websites and social networks, prices, service packages and other things connected with your order. The company which you like the most usually the one you can develop long-term relationships with, and it will be able to provide you with proofreading services anytime you will ask them to proofread my paper.